Take advantage of the marketing craze that has followed the boom of NO products in the health, fitness, and sports nutrition industry with 2 amazing formulations designed for the cost conscious private label expert.

Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s NO2XL product has been modeled after BSN’s NOXplode product known for its nitric oxide boost due to an incredible blend of amino acids.  Packed with 250 servings of pre-workout power this product provides excellent value to the end user and is a high margin product for private labeling.  The value in use has been demonstrated by several brands, don’t wait to let your brand profit from the established effectiveness and consumer following of nitric oxide based supplements by adding our 1000g unit sized NO2XL product to your line.

If you are seeking a more cost conscious approach to introduce the benefits of nitric oxide to your product line, we also offer a product called NO2XL Energy. This formula boasts a larger serving size filled with b vitamins, caffeine, and is packed with a great taste that mixes easily for the energy needed to power through your workouts.  Do not let cost dictate the direction of your brand; we have developed formulas to reach your prices targets.

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