Muscle Mass

Muscle Mass Supplement

The flagship product of the sports nutrition industry is one that promotes the growth of pure muscle mass.  Weight gainers have been around for years however their popularity has not seen a decline because they work and they sell.  Your dietary supplement line is not complete without product formulated to promote weight gain, which is best accomplished when the diet is supplemented with extra calories at a ratio of approximately 2 grams of carbohydrates to every gram of protein.

The weight gainer market is typically a lower barrier to enter compared to pure protein supplements due to the higher percentage of carbohydrates derived from corn and rice compared to the higher prices of protein derived from milk (where the price is set according to the milk production capacity of the dairy industry).  Regardless of your target demographic, do not miss out on the opportunity to for a straightforward add-on sale with an industry staple product

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Muscle Mass Supplement

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