MGN Multi-Vitamin His

MGN Multi-Vitamin His Supplement

Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s Multi-Vitamin His is a complete multivitamin specifically formulated to address the most important health concerns for men while supplementing key nutrients missing in their daily diet. Not only does this product provide all of the recommended vitamins and minerals, it also includes the most effective herbal extracts for promoting overall health and wellness.

Formulated with PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), a non protein amino acid, which prevents folate defiency. This is important because folic acid is a requirement for protein metabolism, the production of red blood cells, the formation of DNA, and for a healthy brain and nervous system. This product also naturally boosts energy, sexual health, and virility with ashwaganda (proven to be more effective than ginseng), blueberry extract, and ellagic acid. Take care of yourself first, just once a day for your best body and mind using MGN’s all encompassing Men’s multi-vitamin His.

MGN Multi-Vitamin His Supplement

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