BCAA Extended Performance

BCAA Extended Performance Supplement

The popularity and benefits of branched chain amino acids is well understood by the bodybuilding industry because they comprise one third of muscle protein.  Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are the branched chain amino acids that comprise 70 percent of the available free nitrogen necessary for the synthesis of lean muscle tissue. It is critical that these three essential amino acids are accessible to the body during and after strenuous physical activity.

Private labeling a BCAA type product is a smart decision to include in any product line targeted towards significant muscle growth.  This is a great product to offer to knowledgeable clientele as well as an opportunity to introduce the benefits of an effective product to beginners who will become users for life.  Formulated at the clinically proven ratio of 2:1:1 with the addition of L-glut to aid in recovery, this product will drive your sales through consistent results.

Let your customers start signing your praises today for carrying this stellar product in your line, on your website, in your store, or wherever you sell your products.  This product is available to be private labeled as a packaged power with scoop, capsule form, or bulk.

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BCAA Extended Performance Supplement

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