American Isolate

American Isolate Supplement

In today’s economy, people are making smarter purchasing decisions and are always looking for opportunities to save on their supplement costs. The American product line was developed to respond to the overwhelming demand for lower cost protein supplements across the board.

Supplement companies have identified creative approaches to move lower cost products while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the products.  A product can be effectively labeled as an Isolate product if the bulk of the formulation is isolate.  American Isolate consists of whey isolate and whey concentrate which is not to be mistaken for a Pure Isolate product.  While taste and quality are equally important, the American Isolate formula is the top selling private label formulation due to its competitive pricing structure designed to move volume.

A lower cost version, American Blend is also available to provide an even lower cost option at the most economical price point in the entire Muscle Gauge Line.  Keep your share of the profits on this amazing formula that moves the most volume and demands the highest reorder pattern of any product in the Muscle Gauge library.

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American Isolate Supplement

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