TGC (Taurine Glutamine Creatine)

Taurine Glutamine Creatine (TGC) is for athletes and bodybuilders who want to pack on muscle and increase energy levels while reducing recovery time.  A great supplement with excellent margins, TGC is an appealing product to private label.  Using only pharmaceutical grade supplement sources tested for purity via HPLC, you can trust the quality and purity of private labeled supplements where certificates of analysis are available upon request.

Serious athletes are ecstatic about this formula as TGC uses an advanced complex consisting of 5000 mg of creatine; 3300 mg of l-glutamine and 2500 mg of taurine.  This stellar combination maximizes the benefit of each nutrient to by the power of taurine to remove toxins and create tissue, glutamine’s role in recovery and metabolism, and creatine’s key role in building muscle to increase lean body mass.  This product is available to be private labeled as a packaged power with scoop, capsule form, or bulk.

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