How it Works

The Private Label Process

For those who are in the business of marketing or distributing nutrition supplements, you simply don't have the time or bandwidth to worry about all the details associated with manufacturing your products. Selecting the right contract manufacturer significantly impacts the credibility of your product quality and overall customer service.

Muscle Gauge Nutrition is one of the fastest growing domestic contract manufacturers and has successfully produced hundreds of top selling products currently distributed through mass retail chains and top ecommerce sites. Our manufacturing plant has been designed by engineering experts according to the FDA issued protocol for Good Manufacturing Practices 21 CFR Part 111. Our contract manufacturing service is specialized in dry powder blending, filling, and packaging of various nutrition products and also dietary supplements (including but not limited to protein powders, dietary supplements, functional foods, natural products, powder drink mixes, vitamins, minerals, herbal products, and bulk raw materials).

Your account manager works with you to build a custom product based on your budget, timeline, and quality requirements. We do not push cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions if they do not ultimately meet your needs. In addition to offering a range of stock formulas, flavors, and packaging options, our food scientist works with you to develop your formulas, tailor your nutrition/supplement facts to your target price range, and create exclusive flavor profiles to set your product(s) apart from the competition. We also offer full service graphic design services, logistics and shipping support, as well as flexible product mixes with the lowest order minimums in the industry.

Let our private label team provide all the resources you need for your nutritional supplement contract manufacturing needs. Whether you are just starting your own line of dietary supplements, you're just not satisfied with your current manufacturer, or you want to become a distributor of the Muscle Gauge brand; our team of experts will get you from point A to point B in the shortest time possible, guaranteed. We have mastered the process of taking product concepts to commercialization and have it down to a literal science of six simple steps:

Step 1: Meet your account manager!

Muscle Gauge is all about building long term relationships with our clients. Servicing our clients remains our number one priority as your success is our success. Unlike other manufacturers, your account receives the utmost attention with the personalized service of your assigned account manager. Not only will your account manager bring your product concepts to commercialization they will present new business opportunities to expand your business, initiate conversations with decision makers if flexibility is needed to meet your needs, and present you with all the resources you need to make sure your business is successful.

Our sales team is highly networked with everyone from raw material suppliers, label printers, packaging companies, contract manufacturers, supplement distributors, mass retail brokers, website designers, marketing firms, graphic designers, SEO specialists, social networking experts, freelance technical article writers, nutritionists, chefs, university researchers, bodybuilders, fitness models, personal trainers, and even professional athletes. When you decide to work with Muscle Gauge Nutrition, you gain access to an entire network of industry experts that can not only support your business but provide priceless advice and ultimately end up saving you money in the long run and more importantly giving you the ability to make more money.

Your account manager is available to assist you through every step of the process and is always just a phone call, text message, or email away. No concern is too trivial when it comes to the execution of establishing your branded product line and ensuring all your manufacturing needs are met. We believe in open, honest, communication with our clients and prefer to under promise and over deliver. We view our customers as business partners and seek to maximize the benefits of establishing long lasting relationships focused on service and quality.

Step 2: Build Your Product!

Our core strength at Muscle Gauge Nutrition lies in our ability to expertly build your product concepts and reverse engineer your target formulas into real products that can be ready to manufacture in as few as 4 weeks. Our team of food scientists lead by company vice president, Christine Hronec (Solari), who has over 10 years of product development experience in the chemical, bio-tech, and nutraceutical industries.

There is no challenge too great for our R&D department when it comes to creating your product line. We have successfully private labeled hundreds of products that are currently distributed on the top e-commerce websites for sports and nutrition supplements as well as several mass retail stores such as Walmart, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes to name a few. We have streamlined the process of building your products and offer three simple options: Create a custom formulation, Private label one of our existing products, Distribute products from the Muscle Gauge Nutrition product line.

See product ingredients and flavors and learn more about Custom Formulation

Step 3: Submit your order for production!

Once you have defined your formula requirements, approved your product sample, determined your product packaging, and signed off on your product's nutrition facts, you are ready to submit your order for production. Your account manager will generate an invoice, collect payment, and provide you with your lead time.

Our lead time is typically 4-6 weeks, however based on the production schedule and raw material availability we may be able to expedite your specific needs on a case by case basis. Your account manager is your liaison to ensuring you get the best quality service possible. In addition, you account manager can aid in your decision making process regarding production timing, recommended order size based on typical re-ordering trends, and supply chain logistics. It should be noted that the lead time does not officially start until the appropriate funds have been transferred.

Step 4: Design Your Label!

The next step in launching your product is to provide the file of your current label design. If you do not have a label design, Muscle Gauge Nutrition offers in house graphic arts services, providing you with the one stop shopping experience. Creating your product label is a very exciting and rewarding experience where the creative possibilities are infinite. Send us your company logo for our team of graphic professionals to develop a product label that targets your demographic and reflects your company's vision.

If you are private labeling one of our stock formulations, we will provide the write-up, instructions for use, and nutritional panel information on the label design. For custom formulations we will review your write-up and product instructions for accuracy and are available for consultation if you have any specific questions regarding content, disclaimers, and FTC labeling regulations.

We will provide you with watermarked label design proof for your approval. We will keep a documented file of your label approval on file and do not assume the liability for typographical, grammatical, or content based errors once you have

*All artwork and label designs created in house are owned by Muscle Gauge Nutrition.

Step 5: Your Product is Ready!

Within 2-3 days of your manufacture date, your account manager will notify you to confirm your shipping instructions and provide your shipping quote. Our in house logistics department is available to book freight shipments, provide shipping documents when needed, and support international shipments. If you plan on exporting your product, we require advanced notice to ensure all of the customs documents are cleared to ensure we can ship your product to your target destination. Tracking numbers are promptly provided to you via email once your order ships.

Step 6: Get Ready to Start Your Business!

Your product is in your hands, you qualified every single detail, now's the time follow through with your plans for your product launch. Whether your product is selling on your website, bariatric clinic, doctor's office, gym, mass retail chain, private store, or overseas venue, be prepared to reap the margins of your private labeled goods.

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