If you’re a supplement distributor looking for products with good margins that move high volume, look no more. The Muscle Gauge brand of protein and supplements is the fastest growing brand in the industry today. A simple google search will show you the hundreds of distributors that currently carry our brand and keep coming back for more. We keep distributors informed of any price fluctuations on a quarterly basis, work with you on creative pricing structures to run sales (i.e Buy 2 Get One Free), and offer exclusive flavors and products for your store/e-commerce site only to help boost your sales.

Muscle Gauge goes above and beyond what any other industry brand will do by offering a full array of marketing services to lead to you success. Whether you wish to have exclusive rights to the Muscle Gauge Brand for international distribution, you want to provide brand awareness to you clients to boost sales, or if you are a private label client needing some help getting your brand off the ground, we have you covered.

From concept to completion, we work with you and your company to understand your main marketing objectives and provide a comprehensive online marketing plan. We have the capabilities to get you up and running, and making you money quickly.

Whether you need branding & logo design, website design & development, eCommerce development, search engine optimization & online advertising, or full implementation of your marketing plan, we have the solution that’s right for you. Our services include (but are not limited to):


Branding is the creation of a unique selling proposition, and repeatedly pushing that USP and marketing message to your target market.  This encompasses the development of your brand and the campaign implemented to make that brand visible and recognizable.  This includes logo design, copywriting, website design, SEO, online advertising, social media skinning, and email design/marketing.  We also provide other, more creative ways to push your identity through such tools as mobile apps and online promotions.

Logo Design

We can create a logo design for your company that symbolizes what your company sells and stands for, and how you want to communicate that to your target market.

Web Design

We provide customized website design based on your brand and your marketing goals. This includes the design, layout, and architecture of your website.

Web Development

We provide customized website development based on your brand and your marketing goals. This includes the implementation (coding) and launch of your website design.


We can develop a customized ecommerce solution to fit your company’s needs that is designed around your brand and geared towards your target market. We use an all-encompassing platform that is feature-packed and makes selling online easy and intuitive.

Internet Marketing

We can do the research, develop keywords, and manage your online marketing advertising campaigns. This includes Google Adwords and Facebook display ads.

Search Engine Optimization

We can optimize your entire website towards certain market-specific key phrases to obtain higher organic search engine placement in the 3 major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing). We provide on-site* and off site* SEO services.

Social Media Marketing

We provide services to get your social media presence up and running. We can customize and brand your social media pages and incorporate existing online campaigns.

Video Production and Editing

We provide full service video production, including editing, shooting, talent-supply, and 3D graphics.

Mobile Development

We can design and develop a website (or redesign and redevelop your existing website) that is mobile optimized for optimal visitor browsing experience and brand consistency.  Users will no longer have to zoom into your website to find the information they need. They will automatically be redirected to a mobile-friendly website to make it easier for them to navigate your online presence, bringing the one step closer to becoming and remaining a customer of your brand.

Content Management Systems

Need to manage you own website content? We can build you a website that allows you to login to your own website administrator panel and update your own information, or integrate this system into your existing website design.

Landing Page Design

We provide one page websites (landing pages) designed around promotions and products you want to push. And then we optimize them for higher search engine ranking.

Email Design & Marketing

We can design your emails around your brand, give you the tools to blast those emails (or blast them for you), and provide insight on optimal blasting days and times. We can even provide information such as how many times your email was opened and how many users clicked through to your website.

List Building

We can help you to build an ever-growing email list of customers that want to get your emails. We do this through a wide range of online marketing techniques (such as providing a free trial or sample product in turn for an email address).

Blog Design

Having a blog can drastically enhance your online presence, raise your search engine ranking, and establish your company as an authority within your market.  We can design and develop a blog customized to your brand and market.  You can then log in and write to your heart’s content on all matters related to what your potential customers might find useful.

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