Tips for Successful Product Packaging

by Christine Hronec

The truth is—even if you are selling the highest quality product on the “inside”, if it isn’t attractive on the “outside”, it will be ignored. If your supplement product has been tested and shown to be efficacious, thus meeting its label claim, but it is ensconced in mediocre or ineffective packaging, it will assuredly be a flop.

Is it a matter of being superficial? Of course not, it’s a matter of multiple dynamics, coupled with manufacturing technology to ensure packaging accurately and finely strums the right notes, resonating with the intended target market that will first test it, and then buy it again and again. According to packaging professionals and graphics experts who help companies create the visual allure via packaging, numerous elements constitute a successful package.

1.) Ease of Use- Successful packaging will have convenience factors, such as easy opening for seniors and, increasingly, portability: the on-the-go consumer is increasingly looking for smaller, portable packages. For ready to mix protein powders, it is recommended that they are packaged in such a way that lends itself to be easily stored in one’s kitchen and/or gym bag with a wide mouth opening and a scoop that provides the appropriate dose per serving.

2.) Compliance- The most important element of dietary supplement packaging is its ability to protect the contents against moisture, oxygen, and mechanical damage. After the bottles are filled, the package has to be structurally durable to withstand vagaries of transportation without collapsing under the weight of filled product.
The packaging protects the consumer to ensure the product does what it promises at least until it reaches its guaranteed shelf life and that a tamper proof seal is in place to confirm that it has not been adulterated and is free from outside contaminants.

4.) Affordability- One thing to consider when establishing your brand and “look” is that custom packaging comes with order minimums. While it would be great to have custom purple jars, the reality is that comes with the purchase of a minimum of a truckload of jars due to the custom resins needed to make a non-stock item. A few ways to keep the packaging affordable, while still attractive is to focus on a highly attractive label design that fits the full length of the package with high quality gloss and rich vibrant color. For variation, the products can be packaged in PET jars that offer a higher gloss look, but come at a slight increase in cost. Other options to vary the product look while keeping it within a budget is to go for custom lids and or custom tamper proof seals.

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