The Top 3 Selling Dietary Supplement Products

by Christine Hronec

Dietary supplements are no longer staples of the athletic elite as validated research has proven that these products are not only safe but effective for supporting weight loss as well as maintaining a healthy weight. The growing popularity of having a fit and toned figure as displayed by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston or David Beckham, has every household seeking products to gain these sought after physiques. Supplement companies once known for marketing products primarily to bodybuilders and athletes are beginning to expand their product lines into the diet and weight loss category. While bodybuilding remains niche market, the dietary supplement industry generated an estimated $22.1 Billion dollars in sales in 2006[1].

The high demand for diet and weight loss products has driven supplement manufacturers to produce innovative products that have been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. The combination of credible research in conjunction with a GMP (good manufacturing practices) certified manufacturing facility has driven product sales by providing a solid foundation of credibility to attract mass consumers. Supplement companies, once primarily focused on bodybuilding, must look into the top 3 selling dietary supplement products to support continued growth:

1.) Multi-vitamins- Busy lifestyles introduce nutritional deficits when it comes to essential vitamins and minerals. Ideally, one would obtain all the essential vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet; the end result is that most do not consume an adequate amount of fresh fruit and vegetables to cover the recommended daily values. A multivitamin is defined as a supplement containing 3 or more vitamins/minerals where each vitamin/mineral is below the upper tolerance limit as determined by the FDA. Multivitamins are the most popular dietary supplements in the United States, accounting for $4.8 billion in sales in 2009 [3].

2.) Meal Replacements- The meal preparation involved with health weight management can be tedious and time consuming. Using a meal replacement helps control calories and is beneficial to weight loss as long as it is taken in conjunctions with a calorie controlled diet and regular exercise. Again, eating nutrient rich foods is the ideal; however supplements designed to provide a balanced level of macro and micronutrients. These products are conveniently available as Ready to Drink (RTD) (i.e. SlimFast®, Ensure®, Muscle Milk®) or Ready to Mix (RTM) powders. These are cost effective for end users with a full meal (1 serving) often being only a fraction of the cost of a typical fast food or convenience store meal.

3.) Sports Nutrition Supplements- This broad category includes everything from performance based products to weight loss supplements. This includes creatine, amino acids, protein formulas, and fat burners to name a few. Scientific literal has validated these products for the benefits in providing incremental effects. While consuming protein for a week will not enable one to gain pounds of muscle, but if used properly, research shows that sports nutrition supplements do in fact provide a slight edge.

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