Pulse on the Sports Nutrition Market

by Christine Hronec

The US Sports Nutrition market is currently positioned to reach record growth by tackling new demographics and introducing new and innovation products. In the United States alone, sports nutrition sales reached $4.7 Billion USD in 2012 according the Euromonitor International. This firm projects growth rate at a contract 7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) during the next 5 years. By 2017, sales are expected to reach $7.2 Billion USD.
The top categories of sports nutrition supplements include the following:

  • Energy- As far as energy supplements, this category alone generated $700 Million in sales where the National Marketing Institute (NMI) found 57% of U.S. adults surveyed treat a lack of energy/fatigue with “supplements for energy.”  Products including carnitine, ribose, and creatine currently lead the energy segment.
  • Recovery-Consumers turn to omega-3 fatty acids, L-Glutamine, and methysulfonylmethane (MSM) to rebuild their bodies after strenuous activity.
  • Weight Management- This includes meal replacers, protein supplements and fat burning supplements.
  • Muscle Building – This includes a various array of amino acid formulations, protein supplements, and alternative aids to support the stimulation of muscle growth.

While marketers are always seeking the most innovated ways to delivery and package their products, the bestselling delivery forms for sports nutrition products are as follows*:

  • Powders 40%
  • Liquids/Beverages 29%
  • Functional Foods 20%
  • Capsules 14%
  • Softgels 13%
  • Effervescents 12%
  • Sublinguals 10%
  • Chewables 9%
  • Tablets 7%

In previous years, bodybuilders and hardcore athletes set the scene for sports nutrition with a demand for muscle building and performance-enhancing supplements.  While these consumers still exist, manufacturers are now playing to a much broader audience these days as the “everyday, active consumer” has taken over market demand.  In fact, consumers considered “average men and women who want to maintain good health” are the number one and number two target demographics for sports nutrition products behind professional athletes.  The bottom line is that the market is ever expanding towards the general public offering more and more opportunities for businesses to earn a part of the market share.  For more information on adding new products to your existing product line, and/or establishing your own line of products, contact sales@musclegauge.com TODAY to get started in private labeling.


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