Boosting Your Private Label Brand through Brand Ambassadors

by Christine Hronec

When it comes establishing your brand of private labeled supplements, cost-effective marketing is very important in the early stages of launching your product line. Most, if not all supplement companies have exhausted social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for basic brand awareness. One of the most effective ways to take your brand to the next level of brand awareness is pairing up with brand ambassadors. Whether your brand is geared towards endurance athletes, MMA, bodybuilding, or even organic conscious individuals there are key things to look for in selecting an athlete to boost your brand.
Popularity- An important element in bringing on a sponsored athlete or brand ambassador is a person who has a strong following. The following of the person can be quantified by the number of their facebook followers, views on Youtube videos, twitter followers, instagram followers, blog views and forum reputation (i.e., Anabolic Minds, etc). An ideal candidate does not need to excel in every area but should have a solid presence in at least one or two social media outlets to effectively expand the following of your brand.
Specialty- Selecting a brand ambassador that has a specialty that compliments your target audience brings credibility and valuable information to your followers. For example, a brand ambassador who is also a personal trainer can create workout routines, recommend products to new clients, and contribute insightful feedback. Another example is a blogger who creates all their own recipes and has knowledge about nutrition. This type of candidate has the knowledge to generate content that your prospective followers will find interesting. Other examples include a posing coach, yoga instructor, published writer, product reviewer, bloggers, and many more.
Active Athletes- The best brand ambassadors are actively competing athletes for your target demographic. This provides the most win-win opportunities for promotional opportunities at athletic events such as marathons, mud runs, fitness competitions, Bodybuilding expo’s, cross fit competitions, yoga retreats, bike races, MMA tournaments, golf outings, health fairs, cooking expo’s, and many more. Practically anyone with a computer can live on twitter but quality interaction and periodic events gives your potential clients a reason to believe in your brand for the benefits it brings to the individual doing the promotions. People are not inspired to start living health by looking at a jar of fish oil capsules, or a shiny jar of protein. They are inspired by the dude who won the MMA tournament or the toned physique of a bikini competitor. Once inspired, customers will take your brand more seriously as everyone wants real results and active athletes engage people on the most real level.
Communication- Last but not least, your brand ambassador should have strong writing skills and must be able to articulate themselves concisely and professionally at all times. The world of texting moves at such a fast pace that it is easy for people to become sloppy in their communication especially as this represents your brand. The world of social media and promotional events has a casual atmosphere that must always be maintained as professional. This is easily addressed by having brand ambassadors sent all posts and weekly contributions in for review to ensure that the tone and presentation of feedback is to the standard your company requires.
For more information on how to get started with linking your private labeled brand to an ambassador, contact Muscle Gauge Nutrition for tips and advice on how this simple approach can boost the awareness of your brand-

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