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Why Muscle Gauge Nutrition is the leading Private Label Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer

Muscle Gauge Nutrition’s services extend far beyond our top selling line of protein and dietary supplements. Experience the ultimate in customer service as we provide a wide range of services from product development, graphic design, contract manufacturing of powders and capsules, domestic and international distribution. Your nutraceutical supplements will only use only pharmaceutical grade food supplement ingredients certified by 3rd party testing for microbio and composition to ensure consistent product quality and integrity. Our cGMP compliant facility is equipped with fully automated packaging machinery enabling precise, error-proof, high speed production output.

Work with the only company in the industry that can take your entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into a fully operating business practice in the shortest time possible. Our wide array of exceptional services is available at the lowest industry start up costs. Our strategy is to pass the savings on to you- you success is our success. Partner with Team Muscle Gauge and claim your portion of a rapidly growing industry. Call an account manager right this second, not later, not tomorrow, now: (330) 826-1483.